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[ About Man Camp ]

The Man Camp event will ignite a fire in the hearts of “Model Men” to live exemplary lives for Christ. Started in 2014, this dynamic experience Is designed to awaken the worshipper in men, help men confront the secrets in their lives and overcome them and teach men the necessity of community in reaching their full potential.

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[ Testimonials ]

During the worship, I experienced the blowtorch of God’s love incinerate some long-term fear that had haunted my soul for years. I also received a vision for the next step in my professional career. He truly is an Awesome God!
– Tim Smith


Man Camp 2K18 completely transformed my life. I will never be the same, and I thank God for placing me exactly where I needed to be to receive exactly what he needed me to receive. Men need Men! I can’t tell you how important that is. It was an opportunity for Men to fellowship let down their walls and be completely vulnerable with each other.
– Joseph Lockhart


My prayer at Man Camp 2017 was for my son to attend at least once for the experience. My prayer was answered! It was truly a blessing to have him there to share the experience. When we got back, without me even asking, he told me he wanted to go next year. A to Da Men! God has surpassed my prayers!
– Vernon Daniels