Pastor Sean R. Moore,
Camp Host

Pastor Sean is the Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Center – Phoenix and founder of Man Camp. His vision for this 2-day event is to ignite a fire in the hearts of “Model Men” to live exemplary lives for Christ. His calling is to raise up David’s and Kingdom leaders to remove the reproach from the church.

Installed in 2004, Pastor Sean R. Moore is the Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Pastor Sean’s desire is to help raise up men who will serve as Godly examples in the home, workplace and community. Pastor Sean has held prime time spots on AM radio, led FCC in acquiring land around the existing facility to help accomplish the vision and aired clips of his sermons online on “Faith on the Go”. Pastor Sean’s teaching is humorous, relevant, practical and full of passion. His intention is to empower you to be your best. 

Pastor Frankie Vega,

New York-native Francisco Vega was a graduate of Rhema Bible College in Oklahoma and has served over the last 20 years in full-time ministry. During this time Francisco served on the Pastoral staff helping pioneer the work of 2 churches before launching Spirit & Truth Ministries In’tl. He has extensively traveled throughout the US and overseas demonstrating the power of the holyspirit through correct doctrinal teachings that were marked by miracles.

In 2012 with the leading of the Holy Spirit Francisco and his wife Oshea planted A.R.C. (Awakening & Reformation Center) on the outskirts of the city of Atlanta where they currently preside as lead Pastors. A.R.C ,based on the text of Isiah 58:12 where “Awakening” and “Reformation” are the precursors for authentic revival is a multi-ethnic non-denominational gathering where biblical teach and application have been consistent to this day.

His ministry is marked by the prophecy, miracles, prophetic worship, strong sound teaching ushering in the glory of God.


Pastor Anjolo Fielder,
guest Speaker

Pastor AnJolo Fielder is the leader of Faith4Life Church, a vibrant congregation nestled in the heart of Pensacola, Florida. With a divine calling to “Build Bolder Believers, Pastor AnJolo is deeply committed to spreading the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sound teaching of the Bible and through universal language of music as an anointed song writer.

At the core of his ministry is an unwavering belief in the potency of music as a conduit for spiritual awakening and personal growth. Through harmonious melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, Pastor AnJolo inspires believers to deepen their faith and walk boldly in their divine purpose.

However, Pastor AnJolo’s commitment to ministry extends far beyond the pulpit. Above all else, he prioritizes his roles as a devoted husband, a loving father, and then as a pastor. This foundational principle shapes his approach to ministry, emphasizing the importance of strong familial relationships as the bedrock of a thriving community.

Recognizing the pivotal role of men in the household, Pastor AnJolo delivers dynamic and empowering messages that speak directly to the hearts of husbands and fathers. By addressing the spiritual needs of the man of the house, he catalyzes holistic transformation within families, fostering environments of love, unity, and spiritual vitality.

Under his leadership, Faith4Life Church continues to grow as a beacon of hope and empowerment, where individuals are equipped to navigate life’s challenges with unwavering faith and resilience. Through Pastor AnJolo’s passionate preaching, uplifting music ministry, and unwavering commitment to family, Faith4Life Church continues to be a sanctuary where lives are transformed, and destinies are fulfilled.

Adam Ranney, Worship Leader

Adam began music ministry in his home church South Gate Church at age 16, as part of the worship team. At the age of 19 Adam felt a tug in his heart for full-time music ministry, and with that stepped out on faith with the pursuit of God in mind. Since then, his ministry travels have taken all throughout the world.  These adventures have provided such great opportunities such as, leading worship, releasing music, preaching & acting.  He’s been featured on several worship projects and was also a guest host on the TBN network.


As one of the writers of the song “Jesus At The Center” an 18yr old prophesy spoken over Adam’s life was fulfilled declaring that Adam’s music would one day be heard around the world.  To the glory of God, this song has been recorded on over 25 different CD projects and counting, in multiple languages and is being sung in worship services around the world on a weekly basis.

Camp & Travel Information

Your ticket price includes activities, lodging and meals, however, If you are traveling from out of Arizona, there are a few things to consider to complete your travel plans for Man Camp:

  • Man Camp is held at Lost Canyon (A Young Life Camp) in Williams, AZ, which is approximately a 3-hour drive from Phoenix.
  • Be sure to include transportation accommodations in your planning.
  • We do not provide transportation to Man Camp.
Are you coming in the day before Man Camp or staying for Man Camp Sunday at Faith Christian Center? There are many conveniently located hotels near Faith Christian Center and the airport.