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17 SEPT 2020

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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Once registration is completed, a refund can be issued within the first 90 days from your registration date. A refund is equal to your registration amount minus a $50 (per person) administrative fee. Refunds will not be issued after 90 days from your registration date. Refunds will no longer be issued once registration officially closes.  To request a refund, contact us at

Can I make roommate request?

Yes, but only requests made online, during the registration process, will be honored. We will do our best to accommodate all requests but they are not guaranteed.

Do we get to choose our own dorm rooms?

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow you to select your dorm room. Dorm rooms will be assigned and you will receive your room assignments when you check-in on the first day of camp.

What are the dorm rooms like?

Please visit the Lost Canyon website at to view the facility. The dorm rooms are large and clean. They have between 8 – 14 bunk beds, several bathroom sinks, and a large bathroom with multiple private showers and toilets. They are also climate controlled.

What if I need to arrive after camp starts?

We understand that a few men may need to arrive after check-in closes and the camp has begun, but anyone who has not arrived BEFORE 11:00 pm will have to wait to arrive and check-in Friday morning at 7:30 am. If needed, there are several affordable hotels within 10-15 minutes of the camp, located in Williams, AZ.

What meals are provided at camp?

  • Thursday: Pizza is served during our Meet & Greet segment.
  • Friday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast and Lunch

What is the location and phone number of Lost Canyon?

What items should I bring?

  • Your Bible, notebook, and pen
  • Your necessary personal hygiene items. (toothbrush, deodorant, lotion, wash soap, etc)
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing. Due to varying temperatures from early morning to late at night, a mixture of shorts, short sleeves, pants/sweatpants, long sleeves, and jackets/sweatshirts are recommended. We will also have exciting field games. Athletic gear if planning to participate in competitive games
  • Bath towel, rag, and shower shoes
  • Pillows, linens, and a blanket are provided and rooms are temperature controlled but some prefer to bring an additional blanket or comforter.
  • Ear plugs, insect repellent, allergy relief or headache/pain medicine
  • Alarm clock, poncho or umbrella, flashlight
  • Any medications or medical devices you may need. The dorms do have electrical outlets.

What is the weather like in Williams, AZ during camp?

Temperatures can vary so please check with your preferred weather provider close to the time of camp.

How do you handle medical problems and/or emergencies during camp?

The camp has a medical building with all necessary supplies and we have a licensed medical professional on site as well. We also are able to transport necessary individuals to the nearest hospital if ever needed. Every attendee is required to list an emergency contact whom also will be contacted.

If I’m coming from out of town, when should I plan to arrive and also leave?

If flying in from out of town, there are two airports to choose from. They are Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport . Pulliam is only about a 45-minute drive from camp but is a smaller airport, so you’ll need to check airline options. Sky Harbor is our major airport and is about a 3 hour drive from camp. This is also where Faith Christian Center, the host church of Man Camp, is located. We HIGHLY encourage and invite everyone to attend Man Camp Sunday here as well, before heading back home. This is not part of Man Camp but is a special and powerful Sunday service you won’t want to miss!

If coming from out of town, and want to stay for Man Camp Sunday, where can I stay?